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Southern Audio Services "SAS" opened for business in November 1983 as a manufacturer of home audio loudspeakers. But it wasn't long before one of the company's co-founders, an ambitious 20 year-old, realized SAS wouldn't survive unless it could offer something new and innovative to the competitive market.

That 20 year-old -- SAS President Jon Jordan -- marketed the home speakers throughout the Southeast United States. But, because the home audio market was, and still is, one of the most saturated markets in the Consumer Electronics Industry, Jon wasn't having much success.

SAS's home speakers were good ones. In fact, the speakers could outperform almost every comparable speaker on the market in comparison tests. But SAS was a new kid in town, a "Johnny Come Lately." No one had ever heard of SAS, and dealers simply did not want to pick up a product line which would not generate traffic in their stores with the simple mention of its name, i.e., name brand awareness.

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